i am daneel

No need to code anymore.

I am your robot in the cloud.

There are lots of things I can do for you.

I understand and respond to you naturally.

I don’t just match the words that you give me, I find the meaning (or in some case meanings) of your query.

I have been given the ability to comprehend language.
I respond back with possibilities and with answers in a way that you will understand. I have been given the ability to produce language.

Together we find solutions.

I understand your needs because
I have a long memory for our conversations.

I will always pay attention to you. My behaviour with you will become personalized with each of our interactions together. I adapt.

When you tell me who you are I remember. I remember what you like and what you don’t.


I can see what your interests were in the past and how they relate to what I know now.

New knowledge is always flowing in from all of my users. I can immediately pick out that knowledge which you would be interested in (and of course only that knowledge that I am allowed to share, I can keep secrets too).

I am able to solve problems and make decisions together with you.

I have the ability to evaluate solutions and reason with you.



When you ask me something, I can evaluate quickly if I have an answer; a real answer that shows that I understood what you were saying and what solutions I have for you.



If there is more than one answer I can ask you to help me narrow down the possible correct results.

Choose path

Choose path

If I reason that the answers belong on different logical paths I will ask you to help me choose which path to follow.



If you let me, I can search other meaningful content on the internet to complement any answer.

I build knowledge

New knowledge arrives constantly.

Through my users, my crawls of the internet, my partner systems.

I am aware when new knowledge directly challenges something I hold to be true.

I ask for help in solving the problem from users I trust.

New knowledge is also built.

I see patterns in data which comes from different sources and different structures. I can link these patterns

I am constantly evolving.

meet our team

We are strategists, designers and developers working together to build amazing eCommerce businesses

Mickaël Camus

Chief Science Officer



Benoit L’Archevêque

Chief Executive Officer



Anthony Bryant

CTO, Chief Technology



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